Thursday, October 8, 2009

Twins Final Game Photos Part I (Vendors)

The following photos are from the final Sunday Twins game at Metrodome. This batch is of many of the vendors.

It's really funny, but I saw lots of vendors with cameras on final game. We all seemed to want to capture this period of our lives with a last minute photos. Why I/we didn't do this years ago, I don't know.

There are so many great people we come in contact with every day. It would have been great to take pictures of friends, fans, and players for the past 20 years and look back and wonder where everyone was today.

Final Twins Game at Metrodome. I decided to wear a "throwback" jersey. These were the shirts worn from 1998-2004.

Pro: They looked pretty good and had the Bud and Miller logos right on them.
Con: I forgot how hot they were to wear.

Doug Rutz in his 2009 vending uniform prior to the final Twins game in Metrodome.
There was a line about 15 deep to take your picture in front of the countdown sign. I paid off the people in the line with a bag of sunflower seeds and a bag of peanuts.

They probably would have let us go anyway... after all, we had to work.

This is the "Class of 1982". These are the vendors that have worked since the opening season of Metrodome.
Front Row L to R: Nancy, Joe, Trixter, Dave
Back Row L to R: Wally, Jerry, Lyle, Tom, Brian, Jake, Jon, Becker, Steve
Quite an accomplishment.

Tom Newell was a member of the "Class of 1982". Somehow he had saved his uniform from that very first year and wore it to the final Twins game at Metrodome.
He also had his very first price button from that very first year. In 1982, the price of beer was $1.90.
(There was quite a lengthy discussion prior to working whether beer was actually $1.90 or $1.50 in that first summer. I think either way, it is amazing considering the price of a beer next summer at Target Field will likely be $7.50... and people will pay for it.)

There are more photos to come. I will share more as I get time.

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