Monday, August 24, 2009

Wally The Beerman

Wally the Beerman was back at the Dome tonight for his first Twins Game since Triple bypass Surgery in May. It was good to see him working in the place where he belongs. The world might not have been the same if Wally could not have returned before the Twins left the Dome. He is the reason most of us 2nd rate vendors make any money at all at that place.

He made us all famous (or semi-famous). (Or maybe… just people… that fans like to buy beer from.) Everyone loves Wally, and everyone wants to buy beer from Wally, but they will buy from the rest of us if he is not around.

I am sure there is a Sales Book to be written about Wally, but maybe I can sum it up in just a few paragraphs.

Why do people love Wally?


He remembers every customer he ever served. He remembers their name, the game they were at, and where they were sitting.

Unbelievable… I barely remember my kids birthdays.

Wally has his own baseball card.
It is currently selling on Ebay for almost $20

Wally did commercials for Budget Liquor in the late 1980’s. “Buy for Less, Budget Liquor in Shakopee… Buy for Less, Budget Liquor in Columbia Heights…”. I still remember him shaking his arms in the air like he was actually pointing to Shakopee on the map.

He has his own groupies on Facebook.

He has his own Bobblehead.

He was in Sports Illustrated (twice).

He is mentioned on Twins commercials, “…Faster than Wally the Beerman in the 7th inning” (Must be pre bypass surgery speed). He is mentioned in the Twins newspaper ads for memories of the Dome.

I even had a fan ask me where Wally was working tonight, because she heard a rumor he was back. WOW!! How do I achieve that kind of cult following.

I checked… Wally is not on Wikopedia… but neither am I.
Someone did post a Youtube video with him, but it is probably a stalker.

He bartended at my wedding (I had to pay him like anyone else, of course), and think there were more pictures taken with Wally than “The Happy Couple”. People still come up to me and say they remember my wedding reception, because Wally the Beerman was there.

Some vendors envy Wally, and some idolize him. I remember the first time I passed Wally up in the sales rankings, and it was a big accomplishment. I was 35 and he was 65. That says more about Wally than me.

I do have him beat in 1 area. Do a google search for “Wally The Beerman” and you will come up with only 4200 hits.

If you do a search for “Dan Smith, Metrodome”… you will get 13,400 hits.

Take that Old Man.

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